Documents and Articles

  1. Electric Shock Drowning Incident List: This is a list of deaths and injuries caused by electrical faults in the marina environment.

2. Electrical Training for Surveyors: This describes the electrical training offered to improve the surveyor’s  understanding of the electrical system and allow a more substantive look at this system during a survey.

3. Grounding and Bonding in Boats and Marinas: This article appeared in the November 2004 edition of Technical Exchange.  It discusses the importance of proper grounding and bonding in electrical systems on boats and in marinas, with an emphasis on safety.

4. Understanding the Neutral to Ground Connection: This article appeared in the December 2005 edition of Technical Exchange. It discusses the safety problems associated with a neutral-ground bond in a boat’s electrical system.  It doesn’t cover the corrosion implications since it deals only with safety hazards.

5. Isolation or Polarization: Which is the Safest Transformer Installation?: This article appeared in the October 2006 edition of Technical Exchange.  It discusses the differences between Isolation and Polarization transformers and systems and makes the case for the safety benefits of using the Polarization system (refer to Grounding and Bonding in Boats and Marinas for background information).

6. 3-light Circuit Tester Explanation: This short Powerpoint presentation shows how the little 3-light circuit testers work (or don’t work in some cases).  They can be fooled with multiple faults leading to incorrect diagnoses.

7. Benefits of Fail-Safe Galvanic Isolators: This article makes the case for only using a fail-safe galvanic isolator in the boat’s grounding conductor.  This is a safety and liability issue that boat builders, installers and distributors should be aware of.

8. IBEX 2006, Advanced Corrosion Principles Seminar: This is the PDF version of Part 1 of the seminar I led at IBEX 2006.    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on this topic.

9. Evaluating Water-Damaged Electrical Equipment: This document appeared on Mike Holt’s website, (Mike is the nation’s guru on Grounding and Bonding and other areas of the National Electric Code).  It was produced my NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association).  It contains generic information on what can be salvaged and what can’t be.  Discusses wiring among other things.

10. AC to DC Grounding System Connection (Bond): This article from Metal Boat Quarterly discusses the required connection between AC and DC grounding busses on boat, includes safety implications of not having this critical connection.

11. Boatside Water Shock Hazards: This article discusses the nature of shock hazards in the marine environment (including in the boat and in the water around a boat).  It was presented at IBEX 2007 in the seminar series.  It also describes a few safety tests that can be done on boats to see if the potential for shock hazards exist.

12. Transformers: This article appeared in Professional Boatbuilder #108.  It discusses the difference between wiring a transformer as a polarization or isolation device and provides information on the advantages of using transformers in any installation.

13. Stray Current Corrosion in Yachts (MDY 2008 Powerpoint)

14. USCG In-Water Shock Mitigation Study (2008)

15. Yanmar Marine Service Advisory for Saildrive Corrosion (2010)