Electrical Inspection Training for Surveyors

This one-day training program is designed by a surveyor, for surveyors, to assist in evaluating a boat’s electrical system during the course of a marine survey.  The electrical area is one of the most difficult to understand, and even though it is one the greatest sources of fire, injury and death in the marine environment, relatively little attention is given to it in the course of a condition and value survey.

This training is designed to improve fundamental understanding of the marine electrical system, which will enable the marine surveyor to more confidently examine and report findings in this section of their reports.  It will focus on safety-related areas where overlooking something obvious can result in injury or property damage.  It is not designed to train for conducting a dedicated electrical system survey.

The training will start with the very basics of electrical systems, and take the surveyor to the point where he or she will be able to make important observations and measurements in the course of a survey.  The goal is to identify specific areas and findings which can lead to the recommendations such as: “have an ABYC Certified Electrician investigate and resolve, as required”.

While standards-related, this training is not just a simple review of ABYC electrical standards. Rather, it will help to interpret the meaning of some key standards that relate to safety in the marine environment, along with reviewing others that can be readily observed during a survey.

Advantages and Benefits of This Training

  • Improve the quality of a survey and provide a better product for the client.

  • Develop a better understanding of the ABYC electrical standards.

  • Save travel time and expenses since this training will be held in conjunction with regional or subregional events (reducing the cost per CE credit substantially over stand alone courses where dedicated travel is necessary).

  • Be awarded 6 CEs toward continuing education requirements.

  • Get technical help any time after taking the course.  Just call me to discuss any findings you might have, or to ask questions about any electrical issue.

Training Information

Cost: Will cost approx. $125–$200 for a full day’s training (assuming minimum of about 20, and depending on the costs for room, beverages, etc.), and I will provide extra assistance and training after the formal presentation for as long as feasible based on travel arrangements.

Attendance:  Generally, 20 person minimum, 40 maximum (can be scheduled for additional day(s) after a meeting, if necessary, to accommodate larger turn-outs).

Scheduling:   Normally scheduled through the Regional or Subregional Director/Coordinator.  Please contact them to get this training scheduled for your next meeting.

Contact:  Please contact Capt. Dave Rifkin, AMS® for more information at: 904-379-1101, 904-382-7868, or qualitymarinesvcs@comcast.net