Background and Qualifications

  • 30 years experience in corrosion control technology, field application, and theory, including a career in the Navy’s Nuclear Propulsion Program, management in a worldwide corrosion control company, and ownership of a business engaged in researching marine corrosion issues and solving corrosion and marine electrical problems.
  • American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) certified Corrosion Control Specialist and Marine Electrician.
  • Former Marine Corrosion and Electrical Certification Instructor for ABYC.
  • We have educated hundreds of marine technicians, marine surveyors, boat owners, and marina operators through formal seminar presentations designed to provide an understanding of basic and advanced corrosion principles, and marine and marina electrical safety fundamentals.
  • We have solved numerous complex corrosion problems on vessels and in marinas. Available for consult world wide.